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Bollycise Bollywood Dance

Brisbane QLD 4000

Style: Bollywood



Bollycise Bollywood Dance is a Brisbane based dance school teaching Bollywood Dance for fun & fitness.

Bollycise Bollywood Dance is an easy to follow beginners Bollywood Dance class where you’ll learn a mix of Bollywood moves and dance to great Bollywood music. Learn fun routines from popular Bollywood films, make new friends, and have a ball with Bollycise. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and dance experience.

Bollywood dancing contains a great mix of dance styles, from traditional & classical Indian dance, to more modern styles such as Jazz and Hip Hop. Bollywood dance is often confused with Bellydance, however the two styles are completely different. Whilst Bollywood does take some moves from the Bellydance style, Bollywood is a lot more energetic and over the top and is more of a ‘whole body workout’ compared to Bellydance.

Bollycise Bollywood Dance is run by Racheal Leigh, and Bollycise also have their own performance troupe, SARI, who regularly perform at community events. Performances around Brisbane include: River Rocks Festival, Crackerjack Carnival, Red Hill Fair, Bardon Mayfair, Multicap Festival, India Independance Day, as well as a variety of fundraisers and private events.

Bollycise Bollywood Dance also offer Bollywood Costume Hire and Accessories, as well as a range of other Bollywood-related services.

To find out more about our classes, times, venues, and performances, check out our website or contact us for more information.