Happy as Larry

brisTitle: Happy as Larry
Location: Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Description: Brisbane Festival 2010 presents – Happy As Larry

The latest work from much-lauded and awarded choreographer Shaun Parker ­ Happy As Larry ­ will be at the Powerhouse from September 15 ­ 18 as part of the spectacular Brisbane Festival programme.

Along with long time collaborators Nick Wales and Bree van Reyk, who provide the electro-acoustic score, Parker delivers a fun, contemporary dance performance that explores the concept and elusiveness of happiness.

Parker’s company of talented dancers explore different personality types and how they respond to happiness. Using ballet, hard-hitting contemporary dance, locking and popping and even roller-skating, they express their characters’ individual ways of interacting, viewing the world and pursuing happiness.
The set is a huge chalkboard that rapidly spins to divide the vignettes, serving as a canvas on which to be drawn. The chalk lines punctuate the music and dance creating a playground for the various styles.
Start Date: 2010-09-15
Start Time: 19:00
End Date: 2010-09-18

The Oracle

Title: The Oracle
Location: Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Description: Brisbane Festival 2010 presents – The Oracle, by celebrated Australian choreographer Meryl Tankard and featuring Queensland’s own Paul White.

Winner of both the ‘Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement in Choreography’ awards at the 2010 Australian Dance Awards, where the work was described as articulate and intricate…distinctly individual and always entrancing, the Oracle showcases the immense talents of both Tankard and her collaborator, dancer Paul White.

On stage at the Powerhouse Theatre from September 22 ­ 25, The Oracle is set to Stravinsky’s seminal composition for the infamous 1913 ballet The Rite of Spring, which caused riots at its Paris premiere. Inspired by the sometimes disturbing human forms in Scandinavian artist Odd Nerdrum’s work, The Oracle explores the conflicting forces of nature and man, masculinity and femininity, violence and nurturing, strength and vulnerability.

The intensity of the subject, the power of the complex, rhythmic musical score and the stark and brooding aesthetic, created by visual & set designer Regis Lansac, deliver an atmosphere of coiled-spring emotions and conflict in this haunting and critically acclaimed work.

Meryl Tankard is an eminent Australian dancer and choreographer with a long and esteemed career including roles at the Australian Ballet and working with the legendary Pina Bausch and several major European productions and companies. She returned to Australia to take on a number of company directorship roles before becoming a much sought-after freelance choreographer.
Start Date: 2010-09-22
Start Time: 19:00
End Date: 2010-09-25

Shanghai Lady Killer

Title: Shanghai Lady Killer
Location: Playhouse, QPAC, Brisbane
Description: Brisbane Festival 2010 presents – Shanghai Lady Killer

Brisbane audiences will be the first to view the on-stage spectacular that is Shanghai Lady Killer when the show makes its international debut at QPAC during Brisbane Festival 2010. This fantastic new work will be on stage at the Playhouse from Thursday 23 September to Saturday 25 September.

Imagine the characters from a classic film noir ­ flawed private eye, femme fatale and underground crime lord ­ meet the superhuman heroines of a Hong Kong Wuxia sword-fighting spectacular. Featuring Wang Fei, one of China’s leading martial arts film stars in the lead role of Lili, this production is set to impress.

The action is set in Chinatown of a futuristic Australian city. Bring in multi-media landscapes, acrobatics, parkour, trampoline, dance, circus and martial arts, and you get a mental picture of the visual spectacle that is Shanghai Lady Killer.

The plot follows an Australian detective, hired to track down a mysterious female Chinese assassin. Her mission is to kill the Mayor, a successful and popular migrant from Shanghai who is in the midst of his re-election campaign. A dark secret looms over the action, threatening to tear the city apart.

Popularised by the Shaw Brothers studios in the 1960s and revisited in Kill Bill and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – the Wuxia genre is the primary inspiration for this contemporary Australian stage production.

Start Date: 2010-09-23
Start Time: 20:00
End Date: 2010-09-25

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

Title: Danza Contemporanea de Cuba
Location: Playhouse, QPAC, Brisbane
Description: Brisbane Festival 2010 is proud to announce that Cuba’s famed Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, long recognised as one of the world’s most groundbreaking modern dance companies, will perform their only Australian shows at QPAC from Tuesday 14th ­ Saturday 18th September exclusively for Brisbane Festival 2010.
Renowned for its dancers’ fluidity, fire and sheer physical artistry, the company has devised a new language of dance, a pungent blend of Afro-Caribbean expression, classical European ballet and American modernism.

Audiences will experience the passion and revolutionary brilliance of Danza Contemporánea de Cuba through two ninety-minute programs, each featuring three dance works.

Demo-N/Crazy is the spectacular opening work in both programmes ­ this physically and emotionally intense, free and fevered exploration of the human psyche comes from revered choreographer Rafael Bonchela.
The second spectacular work in the first programme is choreographer Kenneth Kvamstrom’s clever contemporary interpretation of Carmen, featuring Bizet’s beautiful music and a selection from Russian composer Rodion Schendrin.

The alternative to Carmen for the second programme is the extravagant Folia. Inspiration for this contemporary work by Jan Linkens is drawn from carnival rhythms and the concept of Folia ­ the most ancient of musical themes or melodies in different cultures.
Both programmes finish with the cutting edge Mambo 3XXI from George Céspedes. With a soundtrack combining the music of Cuban bandleader and composer Perez Prado with seventies disco, techno, trip-hop and ambient, Mambo 3XXI adds a flourish of 21st century street attitude to the best of Cuban dance.
Start Date: 2010-09-14
Start Time: 20:00
End Date: 2010-09-18

Works in Progress

Title: Works in Progress
Location: Performance Space, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Description: Brisbane Festival 2010 Present – Works in Progress – First Ritual by Expressions Dance Company

Audiences will play a role in the creation of contemporary dance when Works in Progress opens at Brisbane Festival on September 22.

Expressions Dance Company maintains its place at the forefront of contemporary dance with its latest offering, First Ritual, from internationally renowned choreographer and Artistic Director Natalie Weir. Be the first to see and discuss this work-in-progress before the company takes it overseas to collaborate with BeijingDance / LDTX. In China it will become the first act in a work based on the two companies’ varied responses to the commonality of ritual across the globe.

Start Date: 2010-09-22
Start Time: 19:00:00
End Date: 2010-09-23
End Time: 20:00:00


Title: Sutra
Location: Playhouse, QPAC, Brisbane
Description: Brisbane Festival 2010 Presents – Sutra

Sidi Larbi Cherkauoi’s breathtaking contemporary movement piece, Sutra, will be showcased at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) from September 8 to September 11 as part of Brisbane Festival 2010.

Combining faith, imagination and stunning acrobatics, this awe-inspiring spiritual exploration is based on the rituals and traditions of Buddhist Shaolin monks.

With a stark, evolving stage design of simple wooden boxes, manipulated with athletic and artistic perfection by 17 Warrior Monks of the Shaolin Temple alongside Cherkaoui, Sutra is visually both striking and serene.

Cherkaoui is a leading light of European choreography and dance, creating productions that are storybooks in motion, using dance as a language which combines the best of diverse styles and traditions to form a surprising new whole.

Since its first sell-out London performance at Sadler’s Wells in May 2008, Sutra has received worldwide acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this physical and spiritual phenomenon for yourself during Brisbane Festival 2010.
Start Date: 2010-09-08
Start Time: 20:00:00
End Date: 2010-09-11
End Time: 21:00:00

Tarian Baru Dari Indonesia

Title: Tarian Baru Dari Indonesia
Location: Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Description: Brisbane Powerhouse and Brisbane Festival 2010 present – Tarian Baru Dari Indonesia(New Dance from Indonesia)

Forging a marriage between ancient tradition and modernism, two compelling and unique Indonesian choreographers bring Tarian Baru Dari Indonesia (New Dance from Indonesia) to Brisbane Powerhouse as part of this year’s Brisbane Festival from Tuesday 7 September to Sunday 12 September.

Two breathtakingly beautiful and original dance works make up this extraordinary presentation: Di Dalam/Di Luar (In/Out) by Hartati and a double bill by Nan Jombang Dance Company, SangHawa (Eve) and Rantau Berbisik (Whisperings of Exile).

The Minangkabau region in Indonesia is famous for food and dance and is home to the country’s most important contemporary choreographers. Its unique alchemy of martial arts, folk dance, spiritual discipline, social formality and a penchant for migration creates the nucleus of these works. The two choreographers featured in Tarian Baru Dari Indonesia, Ery Mefri and Hartati, both have their foundations in the coastal highlands of West Sumatra.

Hartati’s work is a dance of beauty and ideas and of the mysterious but lucid language of the female body. She has performed and presented her work extensively in Indonesia and has collaborated as a choreographer with artists from around the world. In Di Dalam/Di Luar, three women are in boxes. They struggle to escape only to find themselves in another box, and then another, trapped in an infinite regression. The human body becomes the voice exploring the urge for emancipation and the quest for freedom. This season of Di Dalam/Di Luar is the first time this work has been performed outside Indonesia.

Nan Jombang Dance Company first performed outside Indonesia at Brisbane Powerhouse in 2007. In matriarchal Minangkabau culture, property is owned by women and passed from mother to daughter. In SangHawa (Eve), choreographer Ery Mefri contemplates Eve, the first woman in the story of creation as shared by Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Rantau Berbisik (Whisperings of Exile) is inspired by the long tradition of Minang men migrating across the archipelago to make their fortune before returning home.

These works are a remarkable blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary, to tell the stories that are distinctly and uniquely Indonesian.
Start Date: 2010-09-10
Start Time: 18:00
End Date: 2010-09-12